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Exactly what are the Signs of Transmission Problems in Your Car

Dec 30th 2014, 2:09 am
Posted by katherynfaai
Keeping your car running properly is crucial for good performance and for the life of your car. Outside of the engine, the most important component of your vehicle is your transmission. Your transmission is responsible for changing gears and allowing your car to drive. This is why it crucial you understand the signs to look for when there are problems. The sooner you seek auto transmission repair service, the better the chances of your vehicle being able to be repaired properly.

Hesitation is typically one of the first signs people notice when they need transmission repair houston tx. If you have a manual transmission and put your car in drive, it should immediately respond and begin to move forward once you take your foot off the brake. If it hesitates, this means there is a problem. Those with manual transmissions may hear their engine respond and seem to roar with no movement taking place. This needs to be checked immediately. You should not try to operate your vehicle in this state.

If you notice strange clunking or whining noises when your car is changing gears, this should not be ignored. Different vehicles make different sounds when there is a transmission problem. It is imperative you seek Houston transmission repair as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damages will occur in your transmission. This will lead to greater costs for you.

Transmission fluid is crucial for keeping your transmission operating normally. If your levels suddenly begin to drop, this means there is a leak. Transmission fluid leaks are one of the number one causes of transmission failure. You should never attempt to operate a vehicle with a transmission leak. This can cause a complete seizure of your transmission and could lead to the need for a full replacement.

When your gears begin slipping, this is an obvious sign of problems. You may notice your car suddenly slips into neutral while driving or does not stay in the correct gear. If this occurs, you need to seek Transmission Repair in Houston immediately.

If you have noticed any of these signs or other concerns with your transmission, it is important to have a professional look at it. Though you could take it to any car shop, it is best to work with a shop that only deals with transmissions. This way, you can be sure an expert is dealing with your transmission and will get it repaired promptly.

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