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Apr 13th 2017, 2:23 am
Posted by opsotw118419
EA Sports MMA Trophies Guide: How to Unlock All Trophies for PS3

EA Sport MMA can be a new game and contains just released on October 19, 2010. EA Sports MMA is an upcoming fighting game in line with the popular Mixed Martial Arts, and features over 30 fighters. If there’s a very important factor fighters like, it’s the thrilling excitment of supporting an elaborately bejeweled trophy, often a belt, because the symbol with their victory. The following will advise you all the EA Sport MMA PS3 trophies.

In fact, you can find 4 forms of trophies in EA Sport MMA for PS3. And each form of trophies possesses his own little trophies.

1. Platinum Trophy

There is simply one platinum trophy in EA Sport MMA. If you want to get this platinum trophy, you need to obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies!

2. Gold Trophy

There are 3 types of gold trophies in EA Sport MMA. They are:
(1) Strikeforce Champion : If you want to get strikeforce champion trophy, you need to become a Strikeforce Champion in Career Mode.
(2) Mystic Champion : To understand this mystic champion trophy, you will need to become a Mystic Champion in Career Mode.
(3) Perfectionist : Be undefeated after 20 fights in Career Mode, you will have this perfectionist trophy.

3. Silver Trophy

(1) Complete Fighter : You have to max your Fighter's Special Moves in Career Mode.
(2) Online Strikeforce Champion! : To have this trophy, you may win an Online Strikeforce Championship.
(3) Ultimate Online Strikeforce Champion! : Win an Online Strikeforce Championship in each weight division, you will get this trophy.
(4) Red Belt : Earn a Red Belt inside a ranked Online fight, you can get the red belt trophy.

4. Bronze Trophy

(1) Brown Belt : Earn a Brown Belt in a very ranked Online fight.
(2) Black Belt : Earn a Black Belt in a ranked Online fight.
(3) White Belt Master : Earn a White Belt inside the Masters Division inside a ranked Online fight.
(4) Green Belt Master : Earn a Green Belt inside Masters Division inside a ranked Online fight.
(5) Brown Belt Master : Earn a Brown Belt within the Masters Division in a very ranked Online fight.
(6) Black Belt Master : Earn a Black Belt inside the Masters Division in the ranked Online fight.
(7) Red Belt Master : Earn a Red Belt inside the Masters Division in the ranked Online fight.
(8) Ultimate Fan : Watch an EA SPORTS Live Broadcast from start to finish.
(9) Learning From The Best : Watch a Fight Replay from your Leaderboard.
(9) Narcissist : Create a fighter using Photo Game Face, you will fully grasp this trophy.
(11) Weapons of Destruction Champion : Become a Weapons of Destruction Champion in Career Mode, you can have this trophy.
(12) Renegade Fighting League Champion : air max chaussure Become a Renegade Fighting League Champion in Career Mode.
(13) You Are On Your Way Kid : Sign having a middle tier league in Career Mode.
(14) Liga de Combate Champion : Become a Liga de Combate Champion in Career Nike Dunk SKY HI Femme Mode.
(15) United Fighters League Champion : Become a United Fighters League Champion in Career Mode.
(16) Big Timer : Sign which has a premiere league in Career Mode.

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