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Apr 20th 2017, 7:28 pm
Posted by 1qnea88p13
. ? It seems like another lifetime. ? Given the winter that everyone experienced up in CT, I am so thankful that we were somewhere warmer. ?I don’t like the image of myself being found frozen stiff with one hand clutching a bill from the oil company as I tried to make my way back inside during one of the many storms those who were tougher than I endured over the last few months.

I’s prefer not to think about ice (except in a rum punch) right now so back to the present…

Our plan is for us to stop in Norwalk CT late this evening so that Jim, that’s “crew Jim”,cheap pandora earrings, can get off the boat and catch an overnight train back to Williamsburg VA.?? That works well as I can drop him at Norwalk Yacht Club,cheap pandora charms for sale, where I used to be a member.? Getting a cab to the train is very convenient from there.

Before Jim jumps ship,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, I think I’d better post a photo of Pandora’s crew,cheap pandora rings, Jim and Rich,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, who gave up a week of their lives to help me bring Pandora home. ?Thanks guys. ?I made sure that both Jim and Rich cleaned up as best as they could to sit for this photo. Looking a bit shabby? ?I guess it’s the best they can do after being underway aboard a small boat for a week. ?Well,cheap pandora earrings for sale, they were at least well fed if now “well cleansed”. ? ?Please don’t read into the “arm around Jim thing”. ?It’s not what it seems, really. ? Pandora’s a happy ship but not that happy. ?

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