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Apr 27th 2017, 6:46 am
Posted by 9wi9ou9sc7
Michael Ayeboafo dreamed this dream all his life. On Friday night, he turned that Golden Gloves dream into reality. Ayeboafo (Atlas Cops N Kids) defeated Kalief Lindo (Church Street BC) for the 152-pound novice title in the most competitive division on the first night of the finals of the 90th annual Daily News Golden Gloves tournament. “All these years I’ve been boxing and all I could think about were these Golden Gloves,” said Ayeboafo,cheap pandora charms for sale, one of 14 champions crowned in front of a full house at The Manhattan Center that included boxing luminaries such as Evander Holyfield, Teddy Atlas, Mauricio Suilaman and Mark Breland. Ayeboafo established his jab early, landing it with precision to Lindo’s head and body in winning the first round. In the second,cheap pandora bracelets, Lindo, having to fight back on the scorecards, came out aggressive, pressing Ayeboafo, but the young student stayed calm and steady with his jab and a couple of hooks that snapped Lindo’s head. In the final round, Ayeboafo closed the show landing the better shots as the pair mixed it up in the center of the ring to the final bell. “His reach was a big challenge for me,cheap pandora jewelry,” Ayeboafo said, “but I knew he liked to keep his left hand down,cheap pandora bracelets, so I timed him coming in.” Along with the Golden Gloves,cheap pandora jewelry, Ayeboafo won the Mark Breland Award as the tournament’s best novice boxer. What’s next? College, says Ayeboafo: “I’ll be a boxing lawyer.” In another highly anticipated bout,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, Justin Biggs (Atlas Cops N Kids) defeated Nikita Ababiy (Atlas Cops N Kids)
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