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May 2nd 2017, 7:37 pm
Posted by 3ya5ou1yd7
man wearing a baseball cap who signs the checks,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, of course). Why'd they cut Brandon Marshall instead of just trading him? We just gave him away for nothing. - @tljets123n The Jets would have dealt Marshall before the trade deadline,cheap pandora bracelets, but they didn’t receive any offers that they believed made sense. By the end of the season,cheap pandora jewelry, it was abundantly clear that no team was going to trade for him given that much of the free world knew that the Jets were going to cut the cord. Know this: Nobody wanted to win more than Marshall in the Jets locker room the past two years. The man prepares like a pro. He’s disciplined. He cares. The biggest adjustment that Marshall must make this season with the Giants is conveying his frustration in a more constructive manner. Sometimes it makes sense to take 24 hours to cool off. Marshall admitted as much in the wake of flare-ups during the Jets’ miserable 2016 season. Jets Mailbag: Is Todd Bowles a pushover? Will Petty be traded? For all the criticism that Marshall received in his previous stops,cheap pandora bracelets, the Jets made the right move trading for him a couple years ago. He was a net positive. But it was obvious that the time had come for the Jets to clear the path for their promising young receivers. Even at 33,cheap pandora charms for sale, Marshall can still be an extremely productive piece for the Giants. It will be fun to see him play with Eli Manning. Marshall is a win-now player. He needed a win-now team. He found that with the Giants. Christian Hackenberg should get a chance to play a fair
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