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May 2nd 2017, 7:42 pm
Posted by 3ya5ou1yd7
Mar 10,cheap pandora rings for sale, 2017 11:33 PM Almost half of New Yorkers get health insurance through work. The rest of us need to weed our way through a tangle of public and private options, or go without and keep our fingers crossed that we don't get sick. The situation is all the more complicated for immigrant New Yorkers. Here are six important rules to help immigrant New Yorkers sort through the health care maze. 1. Do not rely on information from your friends across the Hudson River in New Jersey,cheap pandora earrings, across the country in California or anywhere else in the U.S. IMMIGRANT RIGHTS: Communities living in fear of Trump’s policies States have a fair amount of leeway in the running of health insurance programs. What is true for your cousin in Kansas will not necessarily be true for you (unless,cheap pandora jewelry, of course,cheap pandora bracelets, you also live in Kansas). 2. Just because you are not eligible for a Social Security number does not mean that you are not eligible for health insurance. (That said, for some New York programs, immigrants must provide a letter showing that the immigrant has applied for and been denied a Social Security number.) 3. Many low-income immigrant New Yorkers who are not eligible for federal Medicaid are eligible for the state version. IMMIGRANT RIGHTS: Don’t get ICE-d out — Know your basic rights These immigrants,cheap pandora charms for sale, known by the unwieldy term "permanently residing under color of law" (PRUCOL),cheap pandora jewelry, come in many shapes and sizes. Examples include: ? Non-pregnant adults with green cards granted in the last five
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