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May 2nd 2017, 7:43 pm
Posted by 3ya5ou1yd7
now." LeBron James essentially took a $325,cheap pandora bracelets,000 pay cut to play in Sunday’s All-Star Game. (Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) The players have no incentive to win or play hard, so they follow the lead of the league and use the weekend to promote themselves as a brand. And guess what doesn't sell sneakers? Defense. But now the weekend has reached the point of tediousness,cheap pandora earrings, of indifference,cheap pandora rings for sale, that the NBA sold us on a D-League player,cheap pandora jewelry, Derrick Jones Jr., as a Slam Dunk contest participant. The winners of the All-Star Game already earn $25,cheap pandora bracelets,000 more than the loser in bonuses, and that pittance pay on the scale of current NBA contracts obviously doesn't prompt effort (LeBron James, who arrived a day late to New Orleans, makes over $375,000 per regular season game, and Carmelo Anthony,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, who would've preferred to go on vacation, called his All-Star call-up a 'downer'). Follow the Daily News Sports on Facebook. "Like" us here. So what can make the All-Star Game more competitive? Baseball kindly served as the guinea pig to prove you can't allow the result to determine homecourt advantage in the Finals. How about offering more money incentives, perhaps in the form of charity? Maybe. But then you're rewarding these guys for not playing hard in the first place. Whatever the league determines about the state of their increasingly embarrassing All-Star Game, it should understand with the following reality: as the game itself crosses the line to unwatchable, and with all noteworthy players
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