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May 3rd 2017, 6:07 pm
Posted by 8af0ou1dg3
the mechanisms he used to win and get to this very place, will be gone. He will now be the guy. There will be no one for him to attack. Now we will see if there is substance or mush. Richard Glehan Hit the road, Shaun Eastchester, N.Y.: If Shaun King is so displeased with the state of the nation, I volunteer to contribute to a fund for him to leave the country so that his life will be as he wants (I recommend Iraq to him). (“Today is one of the dumbest days in American history,cheap pandora jewelry,” Jan. 20.) I have read many of his columns and I can say without hesitation that he is a one trick jackass. We all know he doesn’t like President Trump (kinda rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?). So if he loves America, as he claims in the gibberish he contributes to the paper,cheap pandora bracelets, he should get behind the efforts going forward. But, no . . . waaaah, Donald Trump won the election, waaah, everyone will need to assume personal responsibility for their station in life, waaah,cheap pandora earrings, no more freebies for people who opt not to work and contribute to society. Tell King to grow a pair. Stephen Okoniewski Seriously,cheap pandora charms for sale, Shaun,cheap pandora rings for sale, just go Bronx: Shaun King is beyond annoying. I’m so tired of his stupidity. It’s men like him who cause division among people. As a registered Democrat, I can’t vote for a politician out of blind loyalty simply because he/she represents the Democratic Party. I believe Donald Trump was the best candidate to make improvements to this country for all of our citizens. I also believe in four years,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, many
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