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May 3rd 2017, 6:08 pm
Posted by 8af0ou1dg3
rate among the respondents was 15%, three times higher than the national rate at the time of survey was conducted. Only 16% of the respondents said they owned their own home,cheap pandora rings for sale, compared to 63% of adults nationally. And 30% of the respondents said they had experienced homelessness at some point. According to the survey,cheap pandora rings for sale, problems of discrimination were particularly high for transgender people of color,cheap pandora charms for sale, those with disabilities,cheap pandora earrings, and those living in the U.S. without legal documentation. More than one-third of the survey respondents identified themselves as "non-binary" �� a term used to describe people whose gender identity is not exclusively male or female. Transgender woman followed, shot after leaving Philadelphia bar Karen Parker, director of the Sexual and Gender Minority Research Office at the National Institutes of Health,cheap pandora jewelry, hailed the survey as "an unprecedented and comprehensive insight into the experiences of transgender people." In an email,cheap pandora jewelry, she also said the survey's detailed findings on health care could potentially help ease the barriers that sometimes deter transgender people from obtaining appropriate care. Nearly one-quarter of the respondents to the survey said they did not see a doctor when they needed to because of fear of being mistreated. The report's release comes at a time of uncertainty for transgender Americans. President Obama's administration has taken many steps to expand transgender rights �� including some workplace protections and a directive
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