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May 3rd 2017, 6:09 pm
Posted by 8af0ou1dg3
the owners are not going anywhere. Neither is Alderson, unless he chooses to. No Gasbag or columnist is calling for the GM to be fired. Or repeatedly, like over and over and over again, reconstructing the way the roster was constructed. It would not matter. For Collins is management’s heat shield, the ultimate deflector. So it’s Collins — whose job is manage and motivate Cespedes — comes out in support of the slugger playing golf. Then Alderson calls Cespedes hitting the links with an injured quad a “bad optic.” Collins gets ripped while Alderson appeals to media,cheap pandora earrings, and fans sensibilities. They would rather see “their” players placed in solitary confinement between games. Collins, on a daily basis,cheap pandora rings for sale, has a lot of answering to do. Much of the time he does it live, on camera during his postgame press conferences,cheap pandora bracelets, which air on SNY. There is no ducking or do-overs in this setting. Collins shoots straight and, unlike his counterpart in the Bronx, Joe Girardi, does not come off rigid or scripted. Collins is unpredictable and can be combustible. Why would anyone, especially considering the Mets are in shouting distance of a wild card,cheap pandora jewelry, want to see someone as entertaining as Collins get pink-slipped down the stretch? Oh,cheap pandora jewelry, we forgot. Baseball is a serious business. Just ask anyone who treats the game like a religion. Yet as the piling on Collins, the don’t-use-injuries-as-an-excuse, continues, there is another side supporting him. Dumping him now,cheap pandora rings for sale, they say, won’t help the Mets. A change would
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