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May 5th 2017, 8:25 pm
Posted by 6fd1ou6ag6
Josh Donaldson and Reggie Jackson stood off to the third base side of the batting cage,cheap pandora rings for sale, a pair of former American League MVPs discussing their craft in spring training. When the Blue Jays star hopped in to take his swings, Mr. October pulled out his phone to shoot video,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, a visual aid for his job as a special adviser to the Yankees. "Josh's swing, it's something new and different," the 70-year-old Jackson said. "I wanted him to interpret it for me." Donaldson is an early adopter to a growing big league trend — hitters fixated on producing fly balls. Or, as Donaldson put it recently on Twitter: "Just say NO.... to ground balls." Donaldson put his career on the upswing by, well, swinging up,cheap pandora earrings, and he's not alone. Toronto teammate Jose Bautista achieved stardom by adding some loft, and Chicago Cubs slugger Kris Bryant has prioritized hitting the ball in the air his entire career. Detroit's J.D. Martinez and the Dodgers' Justin Turner have made millions since deciding to shoot for the sky. It doesn't take an aerospace degree to see why. On ground balls in 2016,cheap pandora charms for sale, big league hitters had a .239 average and .258 slugging percentage. On line drives and fly balls combined, they hit .411 with a .785 slugging percentage. For those that want to dig deeper, there's never been more to explore. Over the past two seasons,cheap pandora jewelry, MLB.com posted data provided by Statcast,cheap pandora bracelets, a tracking system that records the distance, speed and trajectory of batted balls. The numbers make one thing
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