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May 8th 2017, 8:29 pm
Posted by 1wi5jnk8x3
. “And so the streets which they patrolled were not necessarily like the streets where the lived.” Green says he doesn’t believe that residency is really substantive to the question of how we get better cops. “My sense is that cops learn how to develop that siege mentality from the culture they enter into,www.cheaprealjordansretro.com,” he says. “For them it’s an issues of life and death…you learn to be aggressive in order to get home at night. The culture they enter into is an important factor in how they treat people in the community.” Changing that culture has been a priority for Chief Janeé Harteau, who took over the department two years ago under the pledge of creating an “MPD 2.0,cheap retro jordans,” a revamped department dedicated to community engagement,cheap air jordan shoes, transparency and accountability. Officers contend that the department has in fact changed drastically in the last year. “We’re not trying to be a reactive police department,cheap air jordans, we’re trying to be a proactive police department,” says Sherman Patterson, the MPD’s community engagement coordinator. “The best way to do that is boots on the ground. Every officer knows this now.” Patterson lives in Minneapolis and says he sees the direct impact of the new “2.0” department every day. “So much is perception, and the community is seeing we are tearing down those barriers,cheap real jordans,” he says. “But it takes time.” While the department has seen swift and deep changes internally, including a recent reconfiguration among top brass,cheap air jordans, public perception of the department hasn’t seen the same
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