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May 9th 2017, 7:43 pm
Posted by 8ea0ou5ne5
to those people about how to claim any additional benefits for which they may be eligible. The benefit cuts were included in a 2015 bill that supporters touted as a means of shoring up Missouri's unemployment benefits trust fund. Missouri was among 35 states whose funds went insolvent following the recession that began in 2008, often resulting in temporarily higher taxes on businesses to replenish them. Since the Great Recession,cheap pandora jewelry, at least eight states have reduced the number of weeks that people can draw benefits, while others have cut the amount of money the unemployed can collect. Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the Missouri legislation on May 5,cheap pandora charms for sale, 2015. The state House voted to override his veto a week later. But the state Senate did not act before ending its regular session work on May 15, instead waiting until September when lawmakers convened for a brief session to consider vetoes on a variety of bills. The state Supreme Court's majority opinion,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, written by Judge George Draper III,cheap pandora earrings, said the state Senate override vote was invalid. It said the September session is reserved only for bills vetoed during the final week of the regular session or later,cheap pandora rings for sale, and the veto of the unemployment bill occurred earlier. Dissenting judges,cheap pandora jewelry, led by Judge Mary Russell, said the majority was reading too much into the wording of the constitution and thus improperly limiting the Legislature's powers. Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard called the ruling an "unfortunate" precedent for how
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