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May 11th 2017, 9:28 pm
Posted by 6jl6jnr9c9
his friends did not know that he had actually been deported once before. This,jordans for cheap, according to ICE, was the reason he was a priority for removal -- even though he is not Central American. Gerson Moreno is associate pastor of Christian Pentecostal Church. He says people there are spooked,cheap real jordans, mostly because of how immigration enforcement agents took Garcia. In particular, because he was taken while he was attending church -- a place traditionally thought of as a sanctuary. Technically, ICE agents never set foot on church property,cheap air jordan shoes, but they came within feet of it, meeting Garcia in the McDonalds parking lot next door. Even more shocking was their tactic to persuade Garcia to leave the church. Coria said the text messages about the car accident earlier that morning weren’t sent by him at all -- they were sent by ICE agents who had stopped Coria en route to church services. The officers,cheap air jordans, said Coria, used his phone and texted Garcia about a fictional car accident to trick him into meeting with them. “In my opinion, it’s actually being quite creative,” said Jeffrey Wolstenholme, a retired ICE supervisor. ICE wouldn’t comment on their tactics in this case, but Wolstenholme said the ruse used to catch Garcia is common in law enforcement. “I mean,real cheap jordans retro, if you call someone and say, ‘Hey, will you come over here to the house? I want to arrest you,jordans for cheap,’ what are the chances he’s going to show up?” Wolstenholme explained. Wolstenholme said agents’ first priority is to execute removal warrants in as safe a
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