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May 11th 2017, 9:30 pm
Posted by 6jl6jnr9c9
There are probably several hundred south Minneapolis women altering their jogging routes; a dude exposing himself at Lake Harriet is apparently a serial offender.According to the PiPress' Leslie Brooks Suzukamo,promdressok.com, "Two women have reported being accosted by the man while jogging,cheap retro jordans, but authorities think there may be unreported incidents." Fox9's Paul Blum says the perv is also operating around Lake Calhoun and Lake Nokomis. KSTP's Tim Sherno says one Harriet incident happened at 6:30 a.m. and another at 4:30 p.m.; a woman saw the man get into a red car. Carry mace and a cellphone, police advise. FiveThirtyEight.com,cheap air jordan shoes, the red-hot election-prediction site that got 49 of 50 states right in the presidential election,cheap retro jordans, says Al Franken "may be the prohibitive favorite" in the U.S. Senate recount. The guess is based on reasonable assumptions of uncounted ballots and Franken's support among sloppy voting blocs. But author Nate Silver places a lot on the pre-recount's close margin, and that could shift any which way today. The Strib's Pat Doyle foreshadows GOP sniping over Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's recount supervision. Ritchie handled a summer judicial recount well, Doyle writes, but no matter how well he does in the current mess,jordans for cheap, opponents can raise fear, uncertainty and doubt because he's a partisan who beat a partisan (Mary Kiffmeyer) for the office. The PiPress' Rachel Stassen-Berger looks at an election gone OT,jordans for cheap, noting recount-related burnout for campaign workers
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