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May 11th 2017, 9:34 pm
Posted by 3kr3ou3pb1
." In Crawford County,cheap pandora charms for sale, with just 16,cheap pandora rings for sale,000 residents, that dissatisfaction stems from feeling left behind as other places prospered. There are plenty of jobs in retail or on factory floors, but it's hard to find one that pays more than $12 an hour. Ambitious young people leave and don't come back. Rural schools are dwindling,cheap pandora bracelets, and with them a sense of pride and purpose. Still, much of the economic anxiety is based not on measurable decay, but rather a perception that life is decaying, said Jim Bowman, director of the county's Economic Development Corporation. There are higher-paying jobs ― in welding, for example ― but companies can't find enough workers with the right training, Bowman said. The county's $44,000-a-year median household income is $9,000 less than the state's,cheap pandora jewelry, but the cost of living is lower, too. Just 15 percent of adults have college degrees,cheap pandora rings for sale, half the national average, and yet the ratio of people living in poverty is below the country as a whole. Crawford County and all the other places in the county cluster along the Mississippi River that switched from Obama to Trump rank roughly in the middle on a scale of American comfort in one economic think tank's county-by-county appraisal of community distress. Yet for many here,cheap pandora earrings, it doesn't feel that way. "If you ask anybody here, we'll all tell you the same thing: We're tired of living like this. We've been railroaded, run over by the politicians and run over by laws," said Mark Berns, leaning through the service
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