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May 11th 2017, 9:35 pm
Posted by 3kr3ou3pb1
unintentional." Pence says Sessions could have answered the question more clearly. He says Sessions "corrected the record appropriately,cheap pandora bracelets, and we're just very confident in his ability to lead this agency and respect his decision to recuse himself." ___ 6:51 a.m. Russia's top diplomat says the uproar over U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' meetings with the Russian ambassador is a replay of McCarthyism. Sessions recused himself Thursday from any probe that examines communications between President Donald Trump's aides and Moscow following revelations that Sessions spoke twice with the Russian ambassador during the campaign and failed to say so to Congress. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (SEHR'-gay LAHV'-rahf) says contacts with officials and lawmakers are part of any ambassador's duties. He says the pressure on Sessions "strongly resembles a witch hunt or the times of McCarthyism,cheap pandora jewelry, which we thought were long over in the United States as a civilized country." Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s led a hunt for communist traitors he believed worked in the government and the army. ___ 3:12 a.m. The controversy over any Kremlin involvement in American politics isn't fading away anytime soon. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now the second high-ranking member of the Trump administration to take a hit over conversations with Russia's envoy to the U.S. Sessions is recusing himself from any probe that examines communications between Trump aides and Moscow
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