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May 15th 2017, 12:45 am
Posted by 5fj8ou7jd0
saw ice forming on the Adriatic sea and the Danube,cheap pandora charms for sale, while countless smaller rivers,cheap pandora jewelry, lakes and ponds froze. Montenegro's port of Bar in southern Adriatic closed down on Saturday,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, while sea traffic was suspended for days in neighboring Croatia. Police in Bulgaria said a passenger train was derailed Sunday after it hit a pile of snow in the central part of the country. Snow fell on Istanbul, Turkey,cheap pandora bracelets, for the third straight day, and Turkish Airlines grounded hundreds of flights in and out of the city's two airports. A dozen major roads remained closed in Romania due to heavy snow and some ferry services between Romania and Bulgaria across the Danube were canceled. Authorities said schools would be closed Monday and Tuesday in many areas, including in the capital,cheap pandora jewelry, Bucharest. Four Portuguese nationals were killed when a bus skidded on an icy road in eastern France early Sunday. The road is notorious for fatal accidents. Black ice across northern and western Germany has caused countless accidents and injuries ― firefighters in the city of Hamburg said Sunday they were called to weather-related accidents 415 times during the weekend. Near Hannover, one person died in a car accident when his car skidded against a tree on an icy road, German news agency dpa reported. City authorities shut down the public transportation system and across the country,cheap pandora bracelets, people were asked to wait out the severe weather conditions at home. For hundreds of Muscovites, however, the fact that the temperature had
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