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May 19th 2017, 5:07 am
Posted by 1uu2ou8nx4
campaign trap that her 39-year-old rival fell headfirst into, but then managed to extract himself from, with barely a ruffle to his suit and tie. Instead of becoming Macron's Waterloo, his quick thinking and dogged determination in trying to reason with the disgruntled workers for over an hour turned the match into a stalemate. A stalemate that spoke volumes about them both. Having led a largely lackluster campaign before the first-round vote Sunday that propelled her and Macron into round two on May 7, Le Pen has rediscovered her mojo. Bruised by first-round television debates where she was savaged by the sharp-tongued far-left populist Jean-Luc Melenchon, now eliminated, she is outsmarting Macron, so far at least, in the use of TV. Likewise,cheap pandora rings for sale, now rid of Francois Fillon, the conservative whose financial scandals dominated the initial campaign,cheap pandora earrings, Le Pen now has a chance to turn the election into a debate about France,cheap pandora jewelry, its future and her argument that one of the founding EU nations would be better off freed of the bloc's constraints. By popping up at the Whirlpool plant while Macron was across town meeting with the workers' union leaders,cheap pandora bracelets, Le Pen was devastatingly effective. TV news channels switched live to the surprise visit,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, showing her taking selfies and dispensing hugs and kisses with workers at the factory gates. It gave her a platform to project herself as the candidate of France's workers in an era of chronic unemployment and to highlight her pledge, repeated again Wednesday,cheap pandora jewelry,
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