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May 19th 2017, 5:08 am
Posted by 2hu7jny1w9
a group of minority students invited to one of three all-expenses-paid “diversity weekends” at Notre Dame’s campus in near South Bend, Ind. They arrived on a Thursday evening and assembled in La Fortuna Student Center, where their host went over the agenda for the weekend before casually announcing,cheap retro jordans, “Oh, by the way, you’ve all been accepted.” After two seconds of stunned silence – Was it a joke? – the room erupted into cheers. The extraordinary attention didn’t end when Higgins arrived last August with the Class of 2014. There she was, soon after setting down her white canvas bag and settling into a booth in walnut-paneled Sorin’s restaurant, invited to a lunch with several political-science professors speaking that night on the future of the Latino vote. Moments later, a man in a yellow vest and bowtie wandered over. Arnel Bulaoro, who had organized the panel for Notre Dame’s multicultural office,real cheap jordans retro, wanted to know how Higgins was keeping up with her studies amid all the distractions on campus life like pep rallies and football games. “I’m working on it,” she promised,cheap jordan shoes, bobbing her head. “That’s good,” said Bulaoro,www.airjordanshoesreal.com, who monitors the academic performance of minority students on campus. He is keeping files on 421 this year. Notre Dame is larger than Lehigh,cheaprealjordansretro.com, 8,jordans for cheap,400 students to 4,700, but both are selective private institutions with high price tags and solid student test scores. The two schools also have comparable black and Hispanic enrollments – 11 percent for the latest class at Lehigh
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