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May 19th 2017, 5:24 am
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PARIS (AP) ― Embracing the European Union could be seen as a risky move for politicians given Britain's decision to abandon the bloc and the renewed popularity of nationalist parties. But French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron is doing just that. Macron,cheap pandora jewelry, 39,cheap pandora rings for sale, an independent centrist with pro-free market views, is fiercely promoting common European ideals of peace, prosperity and freedom with a blitz of campaign events across France and Europe to explain to voters why the EU matters. While British Prime Minister Theresa May will officially trigger divorce proceedings from the bloc Wednesday, Macron's campaign team held pro-Europe events in cities around France over the weekend as the EU marked its 60th birthday. The former French economy minister described himself as an "enthusiastic, yet lucid European" in a joint interview with French newspaper Liberation and Italian newspaper last week. He said with Britain leaving,cheap pandora earrings, the bloc needs to build a new leadership base anchored by France and Germany. The EU needs "urgent" reforms because "for the first time,cheap pandora rings for sale, many foreign leaders openly want a weakening of Europe: Donald Trump,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, Vladimir Putin, as well as the main authoritarian leaders of the Middle East," Macron said. One of the reforms he advocates is new cooperation on defense,cheap pandora charms for sale, a move he said would be operated by France and Germany in association with Italy, Spain and possibly the United Kingdom, even after its exit from the EU. To improve the
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