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May 19th 2017, 5:46 am
Posted by 0bt1ou8eu2
our boss." "Your boss?" The woman says she knows her boss only as "Ken something,cheap pandora earrings," that she met him online and that it initially seemed like a good situation because she could make money for dancing. When she arrived about a month ago,cheap pandora rings for sale, he sent her to get plastic surgery, she told the dispatcher. The situation quickly turned bad: "He's, like,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, so mean I just can't stay." She describes the home as "a very nice house" in a gated subdivision,cheap pandora jewelry, with cameras inside. According to Fulton County property records, the two-story brick home measures 6,806 square feet and is valued at $976,300. Her boss also lives in the house, drives a lot of different cars and generally has a handgun with him,cheap pandora rings for sale, she told the dispatcher. Throughout the 14-minute 911 recording, the woman repeatedly says nothing illegal is going on but that she's scared to leave. "Does he know holding someone against their will is against the law?" the dispatcher asks. "He is so smart. He knows exactly what he's doing," the woman said. "He'll be like,cheap pandora charms for sale, 'You can leave whenever you want,' and then he'll, like, threaten you right after." There were seven other women in the home, she said, but she was the only one who wanted to leave. The woman told the dispatcher she was planning to run out of the house and call a car to come pick her up and take her to the airport because she had to catch a flight home to Orlando, Florida, that friends got for her. The woman
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