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May 19th 2017, 6:18 am
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officials disputed the report's findings. "That NGO went to our buyers too,cheap pandora rings for sale," said Shahin Ahmed, chairman of the Bangladesh Tanners' Association. "They showed them some video clips of child workers who are engaged in manufacturing some byproducts. ... They are no way part of the main industry, I can challenge anybody." Syed Nasim Manzur, managing director of Apex Footwear and a director at the Apex Tannery,cheap pandora charms for sale, calls Hazaribagh "an environmental disaster" and said they'll soon close their plant there. But he said the report is a "smear campaign," allegations of child labor are unsubstantiated,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, and Hazaribagh leather doesn't end up in exported products. Manzur said Apex Footwear and Apex Tannery are separate entities, although they have some owners in common and are associated businesses. He said Apex Footwear has two separate shoe-making factories,cheap pandora jewelry, one for local markets and another, across the street, for exports. The Hazaribagh leather goes only to the local factory, he said. Bay Footwear technical adviser Rezaur Rahman, speaking for Bay Group,cheap pandora bracelets, which includes their tannery, called Transparentem's findings "absolutely baseless." "We worked with the International Labor Organization and trade unions. I don't understand how and where they found child workers in the industry,cheap pandora earrings," Rahman said. "We don't have any child workers." Coach ― whose website says their produce is "handcrafted from the finest American and European
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