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May 25th 2017, 8:56 pm
Posted by 6fd1ou6ag6
leap in output,cheap pandora jewelry, Kosuri says. With current technology, that would be hugely expensive,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, he says. George Church, a prominent Harvard genetics expert,cheap pandora earrings, agrees that cost is a big issue. But "I'm pretty optimistic it can be brought down" dramatically in a decade or less,cheap pandora rings for sale, says Church,cheap pandora charms for sale, who is in the process of starting a company to offer DNA storage methods. For all the interest in the topic, it's worth noting that so far the amount of information that researchers have stored in DNA is relatively tiny. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that a team including Strauss and Ceze had stored a record 200 megabytes. The information included 100 books __ one, fittingly,cheap pandora bracelets, was "Great Expectations" __ along with a brief video and many documents. But it was still less than 5 percent the capacity of an ordinary DVD. Yet it's about nine times the mark reported just last month by Church, who says the announcement shows "how fast the field is moving." Meanwhile, people involved with archiving digital data say their field views DNA as a possibility for the future, but not a cure-all. "It's a very interesting and promising approach to the storage problem, but the storage problem is really only a very small part of digital preservation," says Cal Lee, a professor at the University of North Carolina's School of Information and Library Science. It's true that society will probably always have devices to read DNA, so that gets around the problem of obsolete readers,
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