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Jun 1st 2017, 3:37 am
Posted by 8ea0ou5ne5
Andrea Williams, Colorado State University (THE CONVERSATION) The Syrian Civil War has been raging for six years. It has killed nearly half a million people and left over 12 million, about half of Syria’s total population, without a home. A few weeks ago, a devastating chemical attack brought this conflict back into the center stage of global media. Since fighting first erupted in March 2011, scholars, government officials, journalists and analysts have sought to explain it. Many have discussed the role of the Arab Spring,cheap pandora jewelry, the attendant Arab Winter, Syria’s government, sectarianism and the rise of the Islamic State. From my perspective as a historian of the Middle East, these factors,cheap pandora charms for sale, while important, ignore a key part of the story – Syria’s past. A history of pluralism On Nov. 11,cheap pandora jewelry, 1918, French and British allies signed an armistice with Germany formally ending four years of devastating conflict. The following year, delegates from over 32 countries convened to negotiate the terms for peace. For the Ottoman Empire, which had joined the losing side in the war, the relevant document was the Treaty of Sèvres,cheap pandora earrings, signed in 1920, that drew on a secret wartime agreement between Britain and France to carve up the Middle East. The treaty reduced the Ottoman Empire to a fraction of its size and distributed much of its territory among the victorious allies. This process led to the creation of Palestine,cheap pandora bracelets, Jordan,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as new states or “mandates” under European control
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