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Jun 9th 2017, 9:45 pm
Posted by 6fd1ou6ag6
HONOLULU (AP) ― Opening his final trip to Asia, President Barack Obama is expected to join Chinese leader Xi Jinping in announcing their countries are formally taking part in a historic global climate deal. Yet thornier issues like maritime disputes and cybersecurity shadow Obama's visit. The president departed Friday for Hangzhou,cheap pandora jewelry, China,cheap pandora bracelets, where he will meet on Saturday with Xi ahead of a summit of the Group of 20,cheap pandora bracelets, a collection of industrial and emerging-market nations. Environmental groups and experts tracking global climate policy said they expected the two leaders would jointly enter the sweeping emissions-cutting deal reached last year in Paris. Unlikely partners on addressing global warming,cheap pandora jewelry, the U.S. and China have sought to use their collaboration to ramp up pressure on other countries to take concrete action as well. Entering the climate agreement has been an intricate exercise in diplomatic choreography. As Obama crossed the Pacific, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported China's legislature had voted to formally enter the agreement. The White House announced Obama would speak about climate change shortly after landing in the eastern city. The deal was reached in December,cheap pandora charms for sale, and the U.S., China and many others signed it in April,cheap pandora rings for sale, on Earth Day. Even the third step ― formally participating in the deal ― doesn't bring it into force in the U.S. or China. That won't happen until a critical mass of polluting countries joins. Aiming to build on previous cooperation, the U.S.
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