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Jun 18th 2017, 9:09 pm
Posted by 3kr3ou3pb1
bridges,cheap pandora jewelry, tunnels and airports and make them "second to none" in the process. It's an unquestioned need. Nationwide, governments are short $1.4 trillion of the money needed to make necessary repairs to infrastructure ― including drinking,cheap pandora bracelets, wastewater and mass transit systems ― through 2025, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. That's the problem with the Arlington Memorial Bridge, which connects the Lincoln Memorial with Arlington National Cemetery and is arguably the region's most pressing need. One of the five spans that bring vehicles across the Potomac River into traffic-choked Washington, it will be forced to close by 2021 without a reconstruction,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, expected to cost at least $250 million. The National Park Service won a $90 million federal grant last year to start the project,cheap pandora rings for sale, but is still looking for a way to come up the rest of the money. "It's the absolute poster child for our crumbling infrastructure nationally,cheap pandora jewelry," said Rep. Don Beyer, a Democrat who represents the Virginia side of the bridge. "We're allowing our national capital to crumble before our eyes and the eyes of the whole world. It's pretty embarrassing." During the campaign, Trump positioned himself as capable of addressing the public works problem because of his business background. But his plans have been open-ended and short on specifics,cheap pandora earrings, and many Republicans in Congress are not eager to approve large-scale infrastructure spending. A paper circulated after the election
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