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Today, 2:11 am
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when used in pregnancy are associated with neurobehavioral changes like autism and developmental delay in the exposed children. These antidepressant drugs are chemical compounds and we need to keep that in mind. From thalidomide to DES to cigarettes,cheap pandora bracelets, history has taught us that exposing pregnant women to potentially toxic chemicals can lead to disastrous results.”

So, what should pregnant women experiencing depression do?

“Depressed pregnant women should not be ignored,cheap pandora earrings,” Urato said. “They need good treatment and care,cheap pandora bracelets, but the key issue is how to treat them.”

For instance, there is a great deal of scientific evidence, notes Urato, that “non-drug approaches to depression, such as psychotherapy and exercise, are as good or better for the treatment of depression in many women. This fact,cheap pandora jewelry, along with all of the pregnancy complications associated with SSRIs (for example,cheap pandora jewelry, miscarriage, birth defects,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, preterm birth, and long-term problems like autism) should lead us to prioritize and emphasize the non-drug approaches to depression as a first-line approach.”

Read WND’s previous, in-depth coverage of all previous studies: “Research confirms antidepressant-autism link”

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