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Jun 27th 2017, 11:11 pm
Posted by 8ea0ou5ne5

There’s talk about “fake news,cheap pandora rings for sale,” but what do you call news that media ignore?

Nothing, because if they ignore it, it doesn’t exist.

For example: Media ignore that Muslims have benefited from favoritism in getting into the United States as “refugees” while Middle Eastern Christians squeak in at barely 2 percent of the total.

The proof is there. Politicians and media ignore it and the implications.

Dr. Gregory Stanton, with Genocide Watch, speaks openly about genocide, what leads to it and how to determine when it’s actually taking place

He said it’s difficult to convince countries outside of South Africa because of our emotional attachment to Nelson Mandela and a resistance to speak openly about what’s really happening in that country – a world record murder rate,cheap pandora charms for sale, more than 100,cheap pandora jewelry,000 white murders,cheap pandora jewelry, torture deaths of white farmers, 95 percent black-on-white murder rate and the world’s highest rape rate.

That’s not in your local news.

Dr. Stanton was specific about the terror among South African whites and that they can’t depend on police or government protection,cheap pandora rings for sale.

He spoke of the line of defense against such racial violence,cheap pandora bracelets, saying “it’s local – the local courts, the political system. Do everything you can legally to draw attention to it.”

And then he said: “For God’s sake, don’t disarm. Do not disarm.”

He spoke of the Second Amendment in our Constitution and that “the founders

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