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Jun 30th 2017, 10:14 am
Posted by 8ea0ou5ne5
with losing his independence: “Hospitals often set a goal for doctors (in their employ) that can result in a bonus,cheap pandora earrings, but if the doctors fall short,cheap pandora bracelets, their salary may be reduced the next year.”

Fall short in doing what the hospital orders them to do? And the patients have nothing to say about it?

There’s always the possibility,cheap pandora jewelry, of course, that some doctors – even at the prospect of losing a steady hospital job in this hazardous economy – may finally decide to be true to themselves and regain their independence. Pear shows us the result of this decision under the rule of some hard-lined hospital administrators:

“Hospitals frequently seek agreements to ensure that physician employees will not work for competitors if they leave the hospital staff,cheap pandora charms for sale. Such agreements typically prohibit a doctor from practicing medicine in a certain geographic area for several years after the doctor’s employment ends,cheap pandora bracelets.”

In this land of the free and home of brave,cheap pandora rings for sale?

Even the AMA balks at this imposition of such a restriction on doctors whose crime is yearning to be independent again. As Pear writes: “The medical association discouraged doctors from entering into such agreements, and it said that ‘patients should be given the choice to continue to be seen by the physician in his or her new practice setting.'”

The one in which he or she is his or her own boss?

Meanwhile, how will a hospital rule over doctors on its payroll when, as Jane E. Brody of

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