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Jul 2nd 2017, 8:22 am
Posted by 2kt6ou5if7
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1) The Republican nominee for president in 2016 will be:
a,cheap pandora charms for sale. Donald Trump by unanimous acclamation of the Republican National Convention,cheap pandora jewelry.
b,cheap pandora rings for sale. Ted Cruz by unanimous acclamation of the convention.
c. Mitt Romney after a contested,cheap pandora jewelry, bitter, brokered convention.
d,cheap pandora bracelets. none of the above.

2) The Democratic nominee for president in 2016 will be:
a. Hillary Clinton.
b. Bernie Sanders.
c. Al Gore after a contested, bitter, brokered Democratic National Convention.
d. not Hillary Clinton, because she will be indicted by a federal grand jury for various crimes.

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