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Jul 7th 2017, 7:40 pm
Posted by 0bt1ou8eu2

Learn about how ill-prepared America is to survive an electromagnetic pulse attack — read “A Nation Forsaken: EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe” — from WND Books

In light of this potentially catastrophic danger,cheap pandora jewelry, we must come together as a nation to secure our grid. It would be preferable for this to be done at the federal level, with the executive and legislative branches joining forces to identify and enhance the resiliency of critical nodes and other key assets. Fortunately, we know how to do it – thanks to the enormous investment the U.S. military has made over the past five decades to “harden” its most important weapon systems and communications gear. It’s just that we haven’t applied those insights and techniques to protecting the civilian grid, upon which,cheap pandora rings for sale, ironically, not only the American people rely, but so do 99 percent of our armed forces’ bases in the continental United States.

Failing that,cheap pandora bracelets, there is an opportunity – and yawning need – for states to step up and take the lead. Maine,cheap pandora rings for sale, Virginia,cheap pandora jewelry, Florida, North Carolina and Texas are among the states where efforts have been undertaken in state legislatures to begin to protect their respective grids. In light of the real and present danger represented by the loss of electricity and the slow pace of most legislative initiatives, governors should undertake their own initiatives via executive orders to secure their states’ grids. The place to start would be to establish a triage approach to hardening critical assets,cheap pandora charms for sale, with the completion of the protection of the most essential of them against all hazards within six months.

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