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Jul 7th 2017, 7:51 pm
Posted by 2kt6ou5if7
away from the United States and capitalism over to the Soviet bloc and socialism by flooding the Western world with various immigrants, while hiding this assault under the disinformation mask of “humanitarianism.”

After I defected, I exposed that anti-American mass immigration offensive in a memo to President Carter – who wrote on it,cheap pandora earrings, “All new to me” – and in my book “Red Horizons,” whose motto was Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi sed saepe cadendo (A drop makes a hole in a stone not by force but by constant dripping). That was the KGB dictum suggesting how mass immigration would move Western Europe and Israel over to our side: drop by drop by drop. It would take time,cheap pandora jewelry, but wherever you could not use a drill,cheap pandora rings for sale, that was the best way to make a hole.

Last year I exposed that old offensive again in “Disinformation,” a book I co-authored with Professor Ronald Rychlak,cheap pandora bracelets, because Russia has now become a dictatorship of the KGB (renamed FSB). And just as with all the other disinformation campaigns past and present I reveal in that book,cheap pandora bracelets, today mass immigration has become a weapon of the emotions used against the U.S. itself.

Here is the KGB’s mass-immigration disinformation scenario in a nutshell:

After Stalin died,cheap pandora jewelry, his “immutable” theory of the world proletarian revolution was replaced with Khrushchev’s

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